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Beef Roast

Brisket –Untrimmed Rump
Brisket-Trimmed Eye of Round
Chuck-Boneless Sirloin Tip
Rib-Bone-in Tri-tip
Rib-Boneless Arm or English

Beef Steak

Chipped Steak Cube-Tenderized
Fillet Flat Iron
Flank London Broil
New York Strip Porterhouse
Rib Eye-Boneless Rib Steak
Round Sirloin-BNLS
Skirt Eye of Round
Swiss T-bone

Beef Ground

Beef Patties

Regular Regular
Chuck Chuck
Round Round
Sirloin Sirloin

Whole Beef Sections Cut and Wrapped to Order

Fillet Rib Eye
Rib-Bone-in N.Y Strip
Short Loin Sirloin

Beef Miscellaneous

Cross Cut Shanks Liver
Neck Bones Calves Liver
Short Ribs Stew Bone-in
Stew-Boneless Tail-Ox
Tongue Shank Bone


Baby Back Rib Bacon
BBQ Pork Butt(Shoulder)
Butterfly Chop Chop Bone-in
Country Style Rib Cutlet
Country Style BNLS Fresh Side
Ground Bulk Burgers
Ham Steak Loin Roast
Loin Roast-BNLS Tenderloin
Spare Ribs Western Ribs
Steak Breaded T-loin

Pork Whole Section Cut and Wrap to Order

Loin-Bone-in Loin-BNLS

Pork Sausage

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Flavors Available: Andouille, Chorizo, Wisconsin Bratwurst, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Fresh Polish Kielbasa, Supreme Pizza
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Regular Sage and Maple Bulk  


Breast-Boneless Breast Bone-in
Whole Fryer Fryer Cut-up
Leg Quarters Drum Leg
Thigh Boneless Thigh
Wings BBQ

Halal Meats

Whole Chickens Chicken Cut-up
Breast-BNLS Leg Quarter
Goat Stew Bn-in Lamb Stew Bn-in
Beef Stew BNLS Stew Bone-in
Grind 80/20 Extra Lean


Whole Lambs and Goat
Whole Lamb - Call for pricing
(317) 881-9300
(Price Changes Weekly)
Deer Processing
Deer Processing We are a Deer Check-in Station

All prices subject to change.

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  • Buy a side of beef and get 1/2 hog free - pay processing


    Buy a side of beef and get 30 pounds free of pork chops, chicken, sausage and bacon mixed
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