Archer's Meats

Man and Cooker
All prices subject to change.
Man and Cooker
Serving Time 1 hour
Charcoal & Lighter Fluid
Service Charge

The above does not include any product.

Please call our office for pricing:
  (317) 881-9300

Cooked Pig
To Cook Pig - $100.00
  Pumped with Spices - $20.00
  Cut-up Pig - $50.00
  BBQ Sauce - $10.50

Cooker Rental
Cooker $100 for the first 36 to 48 hours
$100 for each day following
  State tax 7%
County tax 1%
  Wear Waiver 6%
  BBQ Sauce - $10.50
  Clean-up $ 75.00
  Security Deposit $100.00

Cooker Hook-Up - You will need a 1 7/8" ball.

Cooker rental is up to 48 hours.
The clean-up is refundable if the cooker is returned and cleaned.
The $100.00 security deposit is returned when the
cooker is brought back in its original state.

All prices subject to change.

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